Power to the Developer

Eliminate the constraints of the development cycle of code, build and push to store for multiple platforms.
mat|r enables the rapid development of self-updating cross-platform native apps.


A dedicated high level extensible language that enables developers to easily integrate streams of information from datasources, IoT devices and intelligent machines into applications and components. Building an app with mat|r|script is much easier and faster then swift or java with zero performance trade off.


A mat|r|broker for each supported web and mobile device monitors the state of your mat|r model and updates itself whenever a change is detected. Any changes made by human or machine intelligence to your mat|r model is reflected in real time in the native apps generated from that model across all channels.


A repository, exchange, marketplace and service layer where developers can share mat|r open source and fee-based services, apps and components. mat|r|hub minimizes development efforts by maximizing the sharing of knowledge, data and code. Ultra-low code development powered by global collaboration.

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The Power of a Global Developer Community

mat|r|cloud: An integrated Social Development Environment

The mat|r|cloud hosts the mat|r open source suite of development tools as well as a mat|r dedicated IDE and mat|r|hub. This combination enables a powerful collaborative development environment that will eliminate millions of man hours of redundant work and provide a repository of best of breed components, apps and services - all directly accessible to developers from within the mat|r Integrated Development Environment.


Code Once
Deploy Once

mat|r allows external human or machine intelligence to control the state of the digital experience across multiple platforms in real time from a single mat|r model.

A mat|r|broker for each supported web and mobile device continuously monitors the state of your mat|r model and updates apps generated from that model in real time, across all devices, whenever there is a change. mat|r apps are 100% native and perform like well formed native apps.

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Open Source Core

Everything required to generate mat|r enabled apps is open source: mat|r|script, the mat|r parsers, the mat|r model, the mat|r JSON spec and the mat|r|brokers.

Developers can improve, extend or add to the mat|r open source core, i.e., application optimized brokers, parsers and languages. mat|r was designed and built by and for developers.

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